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From micro-influencers to celebrities, waaw helps you harness the power of
word-of-mouth to scale your brand’s online visibility.

Waaw is a platform that helps connect brands to social media influencers. Waaw facilitates the process of matching the right brand with the right influencer, and improves the efficiency of the process, from selection and launch, to reporting and billing.

For Influencers

Are you an influencer?

We know your time is valuable. We are here to make your life easier. We help you manage all your campaigns in one place, filter through the different offers according to your audience’s interests, avoid lengthy negotiations and get paid on time. We don’t take any commission on your transactions with brands.



Are you a brand?

Waaw is an influencer marketing platform designed to help you scale your brand’s impact on social media.  We help you find the right influencers to reach out to consumers in an authentic way, while maximizing your brand’s visibility.


Our services

An entry-level access to help you scale your word-of-mouth online.
Manage campaigns with up to 200 social media influencers, get access to top tier influencers, track conversions and sales, and get a dedicated success manager.
An all-in-one full-scale platform to help agencies manage influencers' marketing campaigns on behalf of brands.
Fully managed
From planning to execution, we manage the campaigns of brands and agencies looking to save time while delivering outstanding results.

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